Sunday, September 12, 2004

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I sat on the bus a few days ago and looked blankly at a spot just above a person's head. Once they noticed that I was looking at a place above their head they turned to see what it was that I was gazing at and I would move my gaze onto a spot above another person. I like to confuse the average person, but so do our education systems and our lifestyles.

How to create havok in your workplace.

Diskette Bombs
You need:
- A disk, Scissors, White or blue kitchen matches (they MUST be these colours!), Clear nail polish

- Carefully open up the diskette (3.5" disks are best for this!)
- Remove the cotton covering from the inside.
- Scrape a lot of match powder into a bowl (use a wooden scraper, metal might spark the matchpowder!)
- After you have a lot, spread it evenly on the disk.
- Using the nail polish, spread it over the match mixture
- Let it dry
- Carefully put the diskette back together and use the nail polish to seal it shut on the inside (where it came apart).
- When that disk is in a drive, the drive head attempts to read the disk, which causes a small fire

- Courtesy of the Anarchists Cookbook

Ask your self; are you sick of plastic reality?

Ask your self some questions, you may just begin to understand your own reality

Do you wake up with a head ache? With groan or a moan?

Do you wake up, get dressed , eat breakfast, drive to school/work, wake up at 3:30/5:00, drive home, eat dinner, watch the news, go to bed?
... Every day?

Do you read your glossy $4.95 women's weekly in your short but just existent spare time or would you rather watch your FREE, ADVERTISEMENT FUNDED Australian Idol/Big Brother/Popstars?

Do you read up on your world news.... out there somewhere people are dying, others are killing
do you really care?

Does your "Hard-Earned-Cash" go to feeding the poor.. or cushioning the rich's bank accounts, or does it feed you or entertain you?

Do you CLING to a god? Do you need to be told your loved or do you just know it? Do you need to be loved?

Do you live in freedom through simplicity of life or do you SMS... no wait MMS your favorite Australian Idol contestant every week.

Have you experienced starvation? Have you had to fight for your life? Have you killed a deer? ................Have you ever dived through a window?

Do you fear death? Why do you eat? and if you where drowning, why would you try to swim to the surface? - Ask yourself why you need to be here

do you want to die without any scars?